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Business or Personal? My World's Most Important Brand is Both!

If you were present during the case discussion on "You've Got Mail", then answer these questions on 2 locations: on the comments portion of this blog and also at the facebook discussion board of vcoach. (Just copy and paste from 1 location to the next)

1. What are 3 key marketing learnings that you got from this case?

2. How do the learnings apply to you as the "world's most important brand with your name on it?"

3. On what occasions is your brand like "Shop Around the Corner"? On what occasions is your brand like "Fox books store".

If you were absent last Dec. 10, pls. skip this task as you will be given a different assignment and task in 2011. But be sure to register your absence on the on-line form of

Someone edited the original movie. It shows how communication has changed from 1998 when the movie was made to today's language...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Class Survey: On-Line Marketing Class and How this applies to our Personal Brands On-Line

You just completed an on-line marketing class.  Please answer the following questions:

1. What were the advantages of an on-line class.
2. Disadvantages?
3. Knowing #1 and #2, what will you do to your own personal brand on-line?

vcoach Bong

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Lessons from Mobile Marketing: Here and Now

Mobile Marketing is the "use of wireless media in an integrated content delivery and direct-response delivery and direct-response vehicle within a cross-media marketing communications program."* 
Personally, mobile marketing, for the here and now, is the use of wireless devices such as mobile phones and internet to achieve defined marketing objectives as part of an integrated marketing communications campaign. There are 6 marketing objectives that can be achieved through mobile marketing: (1) brand awareness (2) customer acquisition (3) revenue generation  (3) trials (3) promotions and sweepstakes (6) loyalty and customer relationships management.

In the Philippine landscape, mainstream brands like Coke, Pepsi, Rexona, Vaseline, Axe, Ford, Ponds and Rexona have successfully implemented mobile marketing campaigns as part of their over-all IMC programs.  And so, mobile marketing is here today, not tomorrow. The question as to whether companies will adopt is not if, but when? The decision point for marketing managers is not why mobile marketing, but how mobile?

These were among the many things I learned during the "Mobile Marketing on the Go" module of the Digital Marketing Program of the Ateneo - Center for Continuing Education - Internet Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines.

*The 2006 definition by the Mobile Marketing Association as cited by Matti Leppaniemi, University of Finland faculty,  in his paper, "Mobile Marketing: From Marketing Strategy to Mobile Marketing Campaign Implementation.
** This post can also be found at:

1 How will I bring back what you learned I learned to my company?
As an AGSB faculty whose participation and enrollment in the IMMAP Ateneo CCE Digital Marketing program is fully sponsored by the Ateneo, I have a personally imposed obligation to give back what I learned from the program. I am optimistic that a significant and measurable ROI can be attained.  I will talk to my cluster chair, Frank Roa and the the head of the unit, Dean Albert Buenviaje and share with them the enormous potential of digital marketing in creating meaningful relationships with the current students of the AGSB and even its alumni. I will try to understand if there are certain communication objectives that the school needs to achieve and how these are being addressed with existing programs. I expect to find great opportunities for adding a digital and mobile component to whatever the school is doing particularly in terms of enrollment, school activities, and alumni involvement. I will immediately ask if I can already start working on program prototypes starting with the next module – which is the email marketing component.

2 What did I learn from the program
There were a lot of things that I learned about mobile marketing. Among the most significant things are:
  1. Mobile marketing applies to me today, not tomorrow.
  2. Mobile marketing is a component of an over-all IMC program.
  3. By working with experts and learning the basics, I can create change that improves the quality of life of my company (AGSB) and its ecosystem.
  4. I still need a lot to learn. But the only way to  learn is to learn by participating, learn by observing and benchmarking and learn by doing.

As a self-proclaimed contamination marketer (see: , I made sure that no effort is used only once. So I structured my comments in each of the sections so that they can be consolidated into a coherent and comprehensive whole (the numbers at the start of each topic represent the lesson numbers as listed in the module. Some lessons did not have a comments section while other lessons were unviewable.)

6 Who will drive the changes in the mobile landscape?
It is the consumer and the available technology who will drive the changes in the mobile landscape. As long as the increasing needs and wants of the consumer are made possible by techology at reasonable access and price rates, change will be driven.

7 What do you see in the future of mobile? What change do you want to see in mobile?
There is definitely only growth in the future of mobile. It is the direction and speed of the growth that is a little hazy given the rapid technological changes, increasing consumer demands, varying standards and the need for profitability for those who are taking the lead.
I want to see that the change is directed by the market- free competition and customer focus rather than government regulation or interference. I want to see the change that benefits the good while finding a way to control the darkside, the pandora’s box that emerges or even hastens the development of technology- easier access to porn, internet scams, misinformation and viruses.

8 Why mobile?
The importance of mobile is unquestionable. Its reach, intimacy, engagement, content and measurability are unparalleled.  The question is not really why mobile? but how mobile?

9 What do you learn about the basic concepts in mobile marketing?
Brands like Nike, Dove and Axe already incorporate mobile marketing into their IMC- this  is clear indication that these early adopters are paying the way for the bandwagon effort for the early  majority to also enter the mobile marketing landscape.

10 What marketing objectives can be fulfilled by mobile marketing?
There are 6 objectives (1) brand awareness (2) customer acquisition (3) revenue/ purchase drivers (4) trial, sampling, couponing (5) promo and sweepstakes (6) loyalty and CRM.

11 Mobile marketing system (comments)
Except for the technology aspect of it and the telcos (instead of massmedia), the mobile marketing system is pretty much the same as a traditional system with brandowners, agencies, content providers and consumers. Bottomline, the communication must efficiently and effectively reach the consumer.

12 Mechanics processing via telco and govt entities (comments)
The power of the telcos to dictate the scope, cost and reach of mobile marketing campaigns is clearly getting bigger. I hope that they are able to use this new found power well and that they ultimately allow consumers to fully enjoy the benefits.

Comments on 2009 NTC ruling  on SMS broadcasts
Just like the yin and yang that is the law of life, the great good that comes with SMS has been simultaneously vandalized and threatened by 2 great evils- those who use it for their own selfish means in wanton disregard of the sensitivities and freedoms of the greater majority, and government whose actions, reactions, inactions often fail to address real issues.

15 Mobile marketing lingo (comments)
Wow! a 56 page industry glossary is intimidating, exhaustive and helpful all at the same time. The key is knowing the basics and knowing where to look...

16 What are the features of a successful mobile marketing campaign?
It’s a good reminder to have the 5 features in mind (SIPRI) : simplicity, interactivity, personalization, relevance, incentive. We shall definitely use this in our group mobile campaign for Petron.
On the tohato video, leave it to the Japanese to have cutting edge and borderline crazy campaigns to attract a very demanding, fickle minded and fantasy driven market. Great video…

17 Mobile marketing channels (comments)

20 Mobile web sites (comments)
Mobile marketing in general is different from traditional marketing because of the medium through which the message is transmitted. It is for a similar reason that mobile sites are very different from traditional websites – because of the size of the screen mainly and the lower computer power of a cellphone vs. a computer but also because the consumer is probably in a different level of engagement or state of business.

21 Mobile advertising (comments)
The inherent limitations of the cellphone (typing, navigation and latency) plus the markedly different state of the consumer while doing mobile internet makes mobile advertising  more challenging but potentially more useful to both the brand and the consumer..

25 Bluetooth marketing (comments)
This is a more localized form of store or brand promotion, ideally occurring where the consumer can act quickly towards any incentive given. When creatively executed any cost for giving an incentive is easily recouped with the almost zero cost of connecting via Bluetooth. This is effective for a certain niche in the primary target market as this requires Bluetooth connectivity to be on in the cellphone why the transmissions are being broadcast.

27 Mobile Info On Demand (comments)
The instant availability of updated and accurate information is important both to the consumer and the brand. I can easily compare mobile info on demand  to the advantage of having a lot of information on a smart phone as compared to an ordinary phone where I can confidently go anywhere and know that I have access to my email, calendar, phone directory and personal notes.  While initial awareness and use of this feature may be low, I believe that it is only a matter of time before this goes mainstream.

28 Mobile Hotline (comments)
The effectivity and demand of telemarketing and dialing a landline for customer assistance is fast declining. Aside from declining number of landlines, the multiplicity of users and the prevalence of answering machines and caller IDs and privacy laws especially in the US has greatly diminished the use of this channel. But with mobile phones and affordable and automated text now widely available, a new platform has emerged: mobile hotlines.

29 Mobile Sampling (comments)
The successful use by such mainstream and “traditional Class AB” brands like Vaseline and Ponds of mobile sampling for reducing distribution cost and pilferage in reaching a defined, “databased” market  which will be a good base for future campaigns.  I eagerly look forward to a more pang-masa brand like say Lucky Me Instant Noodles on how they can handle a much larger number of sample redemptions. On second thought, this might be limited more by the absence of a need for sampling for low-priced or commoditized products as opposed to “high value- high engagement” products which needs consumer trial prior to adoption.

31 Mobile SMS raffles (comments)
Mobile SMS raffles overcome the challenges of traditional raffles which are high deployment,  limited participation reach, consumer inconvenience, high consumer participation cost and wasted database building opportunity. Three new innovations have made mobile raffles even more effective:  SMS raffle with mobile coupon (for instant gratification), SMS raffle with voting (increasing customer engagement) and highest pointer ala Pinoy big brother (increases engagement and encourages repeat purchase.) The latest SMS raffle which I saw was Coke’s oras oras panalo where a code is in each coke label and the consumer can win P20,000 in the hourly raffles. Cost to participate is 1.00 for Smart and Globe and 2.50 for Globe (which I am wondering why can’t it all be 1.00. )

33 SMS Raffle with Mobile Coupon (comments)
The Mobile Coupon is designed to provide instant gratification and encourage participation in the raffle. The CANON Pixma Printer entitles you to a raffle with a free cheeseburger meal is a great example of the use of multiple touchpoints to increase consumer brand preference at the point of sale during his decision making process.

34 SMS Raffle with Mobile Voting (comments)
SMS Raffle with Mobile Voting showed how brands like Rexona,  Close-Up and Sunsilk used a combination of raffle and votes to encourage longer and repeated customer engagement with their consumer. Rexona was tied up with a school opening event, their famous song and appropriate prizes like laptops. Close-up, true to its positioning of closeness, used it to vote for the winning dance couple. Sunsilk used it as a source of insights for best hair moments, which it then made to  different commercials which were voted on. Like this last one the most as it let the consumers do the research, be the content provider for a traditional campaign.

38 Mobile Plan Development Process (comments)
 The Mobile  Plan Development Process is similar and yet different vs. the traditional communications process. It is similar in its focus on the customer and its attempt to communicate the right message using the right engagement tool. What is different is that mobile technology allows instant receipt, focus, longer engagement, easier administration, measurement  and multiple touch points that make it a necessary component of today’s marketing communications.

41 What do you think of mobile marketing here in the Philippines?
Mobile marketing is here and is proving its worth for a wide range of products and for various marketing objectives. It is not coming or the next attraction. It is now an integral part of every smart marketer’s toolbox.

42 Aside from mobile internet, what other technologies can we look forward to?
Technology is constantly developing that allows mobile communication to go far beyond what it is right now which is mobile internet and mobile cellphones.

43 What can you say to decisionmakers of brands and companies for them to adopt mobile marketing.
Adapt or perish. The use of mobile marketing is not a choice, it is a necessity. It is not if , but when. Look around- brands like Coke, Rexona, Sunsilk, EQ diapers, Canon are all using the technology to create uniquely strong profitable relationships with their customers.

44 Advise or tips for brands for successful mobile marketing campaigns.
Learn by studying. Take a course in digital marketing. Learn by observing. Be more aware of the various things that are happening around you. Learn from experts. Don’t depend on yourself and your efforts and try to learn everything on your own. There are experts out there who will save you time,money, effort and market share. Learn by doing. Nobody gets it perfect the first time. Start doing and learn along the way.

Yes, aside from the long, established consumer brands like Nike, Adidas, Axe and Ford who have benefitted from their use of mobile- a relatively new brand has come out of the blue and has taken centerstage as far as the impact on the way the world works- Barrack Obama. Locally, will we have a repeat with another digital president like Manny Villar? Hmmm… 

Friday, December 4, 2009

Life Without Digital: On Youtube and Ateneo on- line survey

This "Life Without Digital"  project was submitted by Dani Salasalan and Remigio "Bong" De Ungria for the Ateneo CCE- IMMAP Digital Marketing program.

There are 2 parts to this project submission: a Youtube video and an on-line survey.

The on-line class survey was answered by 21 MBA students of the Ateneo Graduate School of Business coached by Bong. In case you don't see their posts below, click on this link...

During a CANON event, Dani asked famous bloggers the following (1) what are your favorite websites (2) can you imagine life without digital and (3) what is the longest time that you did not have internet

If the embedded video does not work, click the link below...

See the video too in Dani's blog...

Friday, November 27, 2009

Imagine Life without Digital: A Class Survey due Dec. 1, 2009

There are 2 parts for this on-line survey. Please answer via the comments section before the start of our Marketing class,  Dec. 1, 6pm.

First describe yourself digitally ie. what you are like as far as how you use mobile phones, internet and hardware/software.

Second, answer this question: What would happen if you have 1 whole month of not having internet access and no mobile phone? Would you feel like Tom Hanks on Castaway?

In your answers to the 2  questions, you can include pictures, hyperlinks to youtube, images, blogs, websites to further add value, impact and heart to your thoughts.

As promised, I always give a sample to any class activity. So please click on the word "comments" (which appears right after the time 6:20 PM) below to post your own comment. When you click "comments", a pop-up window opens, you can place your comments;  also choose to identify yourself with your google ID.  (The first 2 sample comments I made show how this is done.)

Coach Bong De Ungria

The BEST Way to Show Your Linked In Profile: A Class Survey Due Dec. 3, 11:55pm

The extension of the deadline for submission of each team members' linked in profile was given to allow everybody sufficient opportunity to meet the high standards expected for this personal branding exercise. The new deadline is Dec. 3, 11:55 pm.

As was demonstrated in class last Nov. 24, paper print-outs and individual clicks using coach's on-line linked in profile are good and better ways of doing it. However, we shall try as a team to do the best way of doing it- using the comment portion of google blogspot to do it.

Similar to the class survey on "Imagine Life without Digital", pls. post your individual comments by clicking on the "Post a Comment" or "Comments" hyperlink below which appears after the time (12:50 PM). In the resulting pop-up window, put in your "elevator" speech which in "Linked in" is the "summary" of how you describe yourself professionally.

View Remigio Joseph De Ungria's profile on LinkedIn

There is a difference however from the previous class survey. In the comments portion, "Choose our identity". select  use Name/URL. In your name, type in your 1 word descriptor, nickname, last name. In the URL, type in the URL of your linked in profile. Again, a sample of this can be seen in the first comment which I did for you guys.